Updated: March 1st, 2022

The Notice of, ANTONE ARRIVALS provides a framework of understanding about the processing of personal data that is collected, ANTONE ARRIVALS its subsidiaries and affiliates listed here (as appropriate, hereinafter separately and/or jointly referred to as the "Responsible of the Data Processing”).

The personal data collected by the Data Controller will be controlled and processed by the terms of this Privacy Policy.

  1. DEFINITIONS. For the purposes of this PRIVACY POLICY, the terms indicated below will have the meanings indicated in this document, whether they are written in the singular or in the plural:

1.1. "Personal data": Any information concerning an identified or identifiable natural person.

1.2. "Sensitive personal data": Those personal data that affect the intimate sphere of the owner, or whose misuse may give rise to any type of discrimination or entail a serious risk for the owner. Those data that may reveal personal aspects of the owner such as racial, ethnic origin, present, and future health status, genetic information, religious, philosophical, and moral beliefs, union affiliation, political opinions, sexual preference, or financial situation are considered within this category.

1.3. "ARCO Rights": Right of the owner of the personal data to request the person responsible for access, rectification, cancellation, or opposition regarding said data, in accordance with the provisions of the current applicable legislation.

1.4. "Dissociation": The procedure by which personal data cannot be associated with the owner or allow, due to its structure, content, or degree of disaggregation, the identification of the latter

1.5. "Person in charge": The natural or legal person who alone or jointly with other natural or legal persons treats personal data on behalf of and by instruction of the person in charge, in accordance with the processes, terms, and conditions indicated by the latter.

1.6. "LFPDPPP": Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Parties.

1.7. “Regulation”: Regulation of the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Parties.

1.8. "Responsible": ANTONE ARRIVALS that, acting individually, collect personal data for treatment in accordance with the purposes indicated in this PRIVACY POLICY.

1.9. "Owner": The natural person to whom the personal data correspond.

1.10. "Transfer": The communication of personal data within or outside the national territory, made to a person other than the owner or the person in charge.

  1. 2. IDENTITY AND ADDRESS OF THE RESPONSIBLE. The person in charge is referred to in numeral 1, section 1.8 of this PRIVACY POLICY, states that it is a company legally constituted under Mexican law and will be individually responsible for the personal data that it collects and indicates as the address for all purposes and obligations related to this PRIVACY POLICY the following location:

Av. Homero # 404 Piso 5, Polanco V Sección, Miguel Hidalgo, C.P. 11560 Ciudad de México, México.


Teléfono: +52 1 55 5244 5755

  1. 3. PERSONAL DATA COLLECTED BY THE RESPONSIBLE. For the fulfillment of the purposes indicated in number 4 of this PRIVACY POLICY, the Responsible Party informs you that it will collect the following categories of Personal Data: (i) identification data; (ii) contact details; (iii) information on the physical characteristics of the natural person, better known as biometric data; (iv) employment data; (v) academic or professional data; (vi) migration data; (viii) patrimonial and/or financial data; (ix) information about your preferences or experiences in the hiring or use of certain goods or services; and (x) sensitive personal data such as past and present conditions or diseases, relevant pathological diseases or operations. About this last category, we inform you that the sensitive personal data that is collected from the owner will be obtained only directly; That is to say, personally or through the electronic means that are made available, with the understanding that the sensitive personal data collected will be processed for the exclusive purpose of carrying out and monitoring the process of contracting medical products and services offered ANTONE ARRIVALS.

The personal data of categories (i) to (ix) referred to in the first paragraph of this numeral, may be collected by the person in charge either personally or through the electronic means that the latter makes available; or through agents, promoters, commission agents, suppliers in follow up on a hiring request made by the owner; comply with a contract or agreement with the owner, or to require compliance with agreements or contracts signed with the owner.

The sensitive personal data referred to in category (x) will be treated in accordance by notice of the person in charge, who may carry out investigations, obtain photographs, conduct interviews, and in general, carry out the actions that he considers necessary to verify himself or through of third parties hired particularly for this, the veracity of the personal data that were provided by the owner. The person in charge may, under the protection of this Privacy Policy, verify, add or complete the personal data collected directly from the owner, as well as those personal data of third parties that are provided by the owner, such as information about their beneficiaries, references, jointly obligated, endorsements, guarantors, as applicable according to the service or product requested or contracted by the owner. It will be the responsibility of the owner to inform the aforementioned persons regarding the information provided to the person in charge and the purposes of its delivery, as well as the content of this Privacy Policy; The owner states that the personal data provided to the person in charge is true and up-to-date and undertakes to notify the person in charge of any modification to the personal data provided as soon as possible through the formats designated for this that are found on the website of the company, or in the branch of the person in charge.

  1. PURPOSES OF THE DATA PROCESSING. The personal data that the Controller will be used to meet the following purposes

Primary: a) Corroborate the identity of the owner and the veracity of the information that they provide as their own, as well as that of their beneficiaries, references, jointly obligated, endorsements, guarantors as applicable according to the service or product contracted and in observance of the provisions in force in terms of customer awareness and money laundering prevention; b) to analyze the information provided by the holder, to determine, in by the provisions in force, the level of risk, payment feasibility, transactional profile, and in general, to perform any other evaluation required by the regulations or convenient for the contracting of products or services and, if applicable, the contracting of the same through credit modalities; the granting of financial services. c) formalize a contractual relationship between the owner and the person in charge and carry out commercial acts by the agreement between the parties, and, where appropriate, require compliance; d) integrate files and databases, and treat them, either directly by the person in charge or through a third party, so that the person in charge can best exercise the acts of trade in medical products or services of its corporate purpose; e) comply with current regulations on civil protection, as well as with internal civil protection programs and policies on physical security for access to facilities, offices of the person in charge, such as video surveillance systems and access to facilities, f) grant the owner or the third parties designated by him, the benefits that may derive from the programs, campaigns, raffles, sweepstakes or contests to which he has registered, in compliance with the terms and conditions published in each case.

Secondary: a) offer the holder an extension or improvement of the contracted medical products or services; b) offer benefits, promotions, or discounts to the owner whose purpose is to encourage or reward the degree of commercial participation regarding the products or services that the person in charge markets; c) invite the owner to events, conferences or workshops that aim to publicize various products and services marketed by the person in charge; d) elaboration of quality and satisfaction surveys, regarding the contracted products; e) generation of statistical information related to the use of products and services operated by the person in charge.

The person in charge informs you that by granting your consent for the processing of your data, authorizes the person in charge to use them to send advertising information by the means available to the person in charge, such as email, cell phone (message SMS, MMS) social networks, or any other similar electronic means of communication that may be developed, as well as the sending and gathering of information through quality surveys. If the holder adheres to any of the promotions, loyalty programs, rewards, benefits, or decides to register, enroll or request the person in charge to join as a participant in an event organized by the person in charge, it will be understood that they grant their consent for the processing of your data by the secondary purposes referred to in this paragraph and, where appropriate, to transfer your data to third parties when this is necessary or convenient so that the person responsible can comply with the obligations derived from the relationship legal between the owner and the person in charge.

We inform you that the person in charge has video surveillance systems inside and outside their offices; the images and sounds captured by the cameras will be used for the security of the owner, as well as for monitoring and controlling physical access to their facilities. The same treatment referred to in this Privacy Policy, will have the personal data collected in the future, without prejudice to which the owner may at any time exercise his right of opposition, as provided in numeral 8 of this Privacy Policy.

  1. OPTIONS AND MEANS THAT THE CONTROLLER OFFERS TO THE HOLDERS TO LIMIT THE USE OR DISCLOSURE OF THEIR DATA. You may request the update, limit the use or disclosure of your data, and where appropriate, be informed about any aspect related to the treatment of these, at any time by sending an email to the address exercise This right must follow the procedure referred to in numeral 8 of this Privacy Policy. The owner will have a period of five business days so that, if applicable, he/she expresses his refusal to the person responsible for the processing of his / her data by the secondary purposes described in number 4 of this Privacy Policy. If the owner does not express within the aforementioned five business days her refusal to process her data according to the secondary purposes reported, it will be understood that she has given her consent for the treatment of these. If you wish to limit or suspend the processing of your data for use for advertising or promotional purposes, you may request it through an email addressed to:
  2. PROCESSING OF PERSONAL DATA AND DATA TRANSFER. By the provisions of the LFPB regulations, the person in charge informs you that the consent of the owner will not be necessary for the processing of personal data when: (i) it is provided for in law, (ii) the personal data appear in sources public access; (iii) the personal data is subject to a prior disassociation procedure, (iv) has the purpose of complying with obligations derived from a legal relationship between the owner and the person in charge, (v) there is an emergency that could potentially harm. Likewise, you are informed that with the acceptance of this Privacy Policy it is understood that the owner grants her authorization for the person in charge to transfer their personal data to third parties, whether Mexican or foreign, without requiring their consent to be obtained again,.(ii) is necessary to safeguard the health of the holder, among which is, prevention or medical diagnosis, provision of health care, medical treatment or management of medical services (iii) the transfer is made to affiliated companies or any company with which the same group of the person in charge operates under the same internal processes and policies; (iv) is necessary by reason of a contract entered into or to be entered into in the interest of the owner; (v) is necessary or legally required to safeguard a public interest, or for the administration or administration of justice; (vi) is necessary for the recognition, exercise or defense of a right in a judicial process; and, (vii) is necessary for the maintenance or fulfillment of a legal relationship between the owner and the person in charge. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the person in charge undertakes to ensure compliance with the principles of protection of personal data established by the LFPDPPP and its regulations and to adopt the necessary measures for their application, as well as to demand their compliance from natural persons or morals to which access to your data is transferred or granted, to give you an adequate service with the best quality.

Next, the companies to which the person in charge may transfer your data for the fulfillment of the purposes described in this Privacy Policy are 1. Companies with which the transmission of data is necessary due to a contract entered into with the holder 2. Is necessary or legally required for the safeguarding of public interest, or the administration or administration of justice. Likewise, we inform you that national and international referrals of personal data between the person in charge and those in charge will not require the owner to be informed. This category includes transfers of information with those commercial entities with which the person in charge signs an agreement or agreement for the offer, provision, or granting of benefits to their clients or for the provision of joint services. The person in charge informs you that all communication made by email or through the internet, such as unprotected electronic messaging services, such as social networks, internet pages other than those expressly indicated by the person in charge as official or websites not identified by The person responsible as their own may be subject to interception of the information, loss or possible alterations in the message or the data sent, in which case, the owner may not demand from the person in charge to whom said communication turns, compensation for any damage resulting from the interception, theft, loss or alteration related to said communication.

  1. 7. USE OF ELECTRONIC OR REMOTE MEDIA. If the owner makes use of platforms, sites, applications or requests the services of the person in charge through the use of electronic devices or provides their data through any of said channels (hereinafter and collectively the "electronic media"), The owner understands, accepts and acknowledges that: 1. Electronic media may include links to third-party websites unrelated to the person responsible, for which the latter does not assume any ownership, obligation, or responsibility. 2. The services provided by the person in charge through electronic means may collect information from the owner such as type of browser, operating system, visits to other internet sites or carry out their identification as a user, through "cookies" or " web beacons "in which case you will be informed at that time about the use of these technologies so that the owner can disable these programs, you must access the" internet options "located in the" tools "section, or similar functions, of the browser you use. The website of the person in charge ( and its applications (if applicable) use "cookies" that the person in charge can place on their access device and make use of them. The use of "cookies" is intended to speed up the start of a new session; save user settings for the site and/or its applications; streamline interaction with content; improve the user experience of the site and/or its applications by storing their preferences on the access device, eliminating the need to repeatedly specify the same information and only display personalized content and advertising according to their preferences on subsequent visits, as well as facilitate to the person in charge the analysis of said information to improve the performance of the site and/or its applications. In the same way, the person in charge may use "cookies" to collect information about the preferences of the user of the site and/or applications in the use of content to offer promotions, discounts, programs and in general, send the user of the site and/or its applications advertising based on your interests. With the use of electronic means, you acknowledge and authorize the person responsible for the use of "cookies" and "web beacons" • A "cookie" is a text file placed by a web server on the hard drive of the Internet user who visits it with information about your preferences and browsing guidelines. A "web beacon" is an image used exclusively to quantify the number of visits or monitor customer behavior. The person in charge may expand the content of the site and/or its applications or create new electronic media in which case these will be governed by this Privacy Policy.
  2. MEANS TO EXERCISE THE RIGHTS OF ACCESS, RECTIFICATION, CANCELLATION, OR, OPPOSITION (ARCO RIGHTS). The owner, by herself or through a duly accredited legal representative, has recognized and may exercise the arc rights granted by the LFPDPPP and its regulations against the person in charge, presenting herself at the offices of ANTONE ARRIVALS with her current official identification, where.

ARCO rights: A) access: knows the specific information that the person in charge has in her possession; B) rectification: request the rectification of personal data in case they are not updated, are inaccurate or incomplete, to exercise this right, the documentation that proves the requested rectification according to the personal data must be delivered; C) cancellation: blocking and subsequent elimination of personal data from our databases when it considers that it is not being used properly or for the purposes that gave rise to the legal relationship; D) opposition: oppose the use for specific purposes of your data. The exercise of any of the arc rights does not prevent the exercise of any other right. For the exercise of any of the Arco Rights, the owner or her legal representative may request a format for the exercise of Arco rights to the email address, hereinafter the “format”.

Said form must be filled out, signed, and returned to the same email address accompanied by the documentation indicated below, which must be sent for evaluation scanned and legible, so that the person in charge can carry out the authentication of the holder who requires to exercise their arch rights: a) valid official identification of the holder will be valid one of the following documents: credential of the National Electoral Institute, passport issued by the Ministry of Foreign Relations, national military service card or professional certificate). b) In cases where the owner exercises his arch rights through a legal representative, in addition to proving the identity of both (owner and legal representative), a legible copy of the power of attorney must be sent to the aforementioned email address. notarial or broker granted to the legal representative, or, where appropriate, power of attorney signed before two witnesses or statement in attendance of the owner by which powers are granted to carry out this procedure before the person responsible. c) In case you want to exercise the right of rectification, the owner or his legal representative must email, the documentation that supports your request. The person in charge will communicate to the owner within a maximum period of 20 (twenty) business days from the date they receive by email, the response to their request for access, rectification, cancellation, or opposition, if the request was presented by the owner or by the person in charge. The result of the resolution will be effective within 15 (fifteen) business days following the date on which the response is communicated; The person in charge may extend this term up to 20 (twenty) more business days, when the case warrants, after notifying the owner of said situation. The resolution adopted by the person responsible will be communicated to the owner through one of the channels chosen by the latter (branch, email), which are mentioned in the format that is sent by the owner to the person in charge by email. In the cases in which the owner wishes to revoke the authorization granted to the person in charge of the personal data provided, he or she must make the corresponding request in the same terms established in this Privacy Policy to exercise their Arco rights. The delivery of personal data will be free after proof of your identity before the person in charge; by exception, in those cases in which, derived from the owner's particular request, justified shipping costs are generated by the person responsible; and where appropriate costs for the reproduction or for the generation of copies or other formats that have as a reason to attend the request of the owner, the owner must pay, in the cases in which it warrants, said expenses to the person responsible, a situation that will be previously reported to the holder. If the same person, either by herself as the owner, or through a legal representative, reiterates her request for the delivery of personal data in less than twelve months from the last delivery of information, the person in charge may request the owner or its legal representative, the payment of the costs of reprinting said information which will not be for any reason greater than three days of the current general minimum wage.

In those cases, in which the owner wishes to exercise the right of access to their data, the requested information will be provided through the means that they have chosen in the ARCO rights exercise request format. If the person in charge does not have the personal data of the requesting owner, they will be informed by the means through which they made the request.

For any questions or clarification regarding the procedure and means to exercise your Arco rights, please send an email to the address If the holder revokes the authorization granted to the data controller for the processing of his/her data under any of the purposes identified as primary in section 4 of this Privacy Policy, such revocation may imply the suspension of the services provided by the data controller to comply with the legal provisions in force or the internal policies of the data controller.

  1. PROCEDURE AND MEANS BY WHICH THE CONTROLLER WILL COMMUNICATE THE OWNERS OF CHANGES TO THE PRIVACY POLICY. The person in charge reserves the right to make changes to this Privacy Policy, which will be made known through its publication on the page or the one that will replace it. Likewise, the owner is informed that he has the right to oppose the processing of his data if he does not agree with the modifications that this Privacy Policy may present, for this, he must send a request to the email address referred to in numeral 8 of this Privacy Policy. We inform you that the competent authority to resolve any conflict arising from the application of the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Parties and its regulations is the National Institute for Access to Information and Personal Data (INAI).